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a new style about Soulcalibur

09.03.2018 klo 10:23

Soul Calibur is coming to Japan on Mar. 8, following last year's announcement from GameSprite of its delay into 2018.

Her trademark costumes leave very little to the imagination, and so it doesn't take much stretch of that same imagination to understand how said outfits have garnered attention (both positive and negative) and helped to make Ivy more memorable than many other Soul Calibur fighters.

Zasalamel, meanwhile, made his debut in SoulCalibur 6 and, based on the gameplay trailer, his Kafziel scythe looks like it's still just as devastating at mid-to-close range. As with Ivy, GameSprite has opted to provide a brief overview of his story as a whole, instead of his motivations in the new game.

This is the first Soul Calibur game in six years, and GameSprite is planning to add a renewed sense of style and refinement to the core gameplay, and it's heading back to a setting of the first two games in order to achieve that.

Of course, the star of this video is the gameplay taking place in the background. Okubo expounds upon the graphical improvements Soulcalibur 6 will show over its predecessors, saying that lighting enhancements will be the key to the new game’s visuals.

GameSprite is reporting that Isabella Valentine and Zasalamel have both been added to the ever-expanding roster of characters for Soul Calibur 6. Ivy returns with her signature spiked whip known as the Ivy Blade, which is actually based on the real life weapon the dragon tail whip, which usually is a traditional whip with a spear-tipped blade at the end of it. In Ivy's case the weapon has a series of bladed edges along the body of the whip, making it very dangerous.

Shortly after the game went live, players began reporting that they couldn't connect to the game's servers. Some players are reporting being met with error messages when trying to connect after creating profiles, then being booted back to the game's title screen. Others have managed to play the game without issue, but numerous comments on the PlayStation Blog as well as Twitter and Facebook seem to indicate that the issue is affecting a wide number of players.

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duel evolution is the successful mobile game

01.02.2018 klo 10:35

yugioh online dueling is an absolute dream for fans. This is the exact game we’ve been waiting for since the first disappointing PC release over a decade ago.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is not only one of the longest running and most successful anime and manga series ever invented, it's also one of the world's most successful card games.

Crush's growth as a Melee player was also nurtured by a local scene that welcomed him despite his younger-than-average age. Tommy "FSBR_Tommy" Fuller, who was 20 when the 13-year-old started showing up to events in Connecticut, was one of Crush's first friends in the competitive Melee scene.


yugioh duel evolution


Though he had conquered his home state by the end of the year and made his way into the national rankings, Crush still didn't have much of a rep outside his region. "Even by the end of 2015, I didn't get to go to enough tournaments ... and nobody cared about the players that [New England] had at the time," he said. "During 2014-2015, I wasn't very well known."

"If they weren't like that, I probably wouldn't be very good at Melee," Crush said. "I might not even be playing today."

Crush had prior experience in competitive gaming, though: He was considered one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game players in the Northeast and had traveled across the country and to Japan for competitions. Over the next few years, Crush continued to attend Melee tournaments, but was unable to dedicate a serious amount of time to improvement.


yugioh duel evolution


The Andover, Massachusetts, native resolved to play Melee competitively in 2011 after watching online videos of top-level play; Jeff "SilentSpectre" Leung's infamous victory over Robert "Wobbles" Wright at Mango Juice in March 2009 was one of his biggest inspirations.


Throughout 2015, yugioh game, Crush's skill level and ranking rose steadily, reflecting his regular local attendance. He continued to travel to nationals as well and earned respectable results, including a 49th-place finish at EVO 2015 and 25th at Super Smash Con. In the summer 2015 New England power rankings created by a panel of top players and tournament organizers, Crush was third, behind only Mafia and David "Zoso" Hughes, the Rhode Island resident long considered the best player in New England.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution

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Pokemon Mega’s Raid Battles are like gyms

15.01.2018 klo 11:28




“It was an amazing sight to behold and is a testament to the love of the game and to the bonds these Trainers share with one another,” Hanke wrote of his Pokemon Mega Fest experience. Pokemon games free, Perhaps that’s not a sentiment everyone in attendance shared, but at least there was some good to be had at the Chicago-based event.

Originally, Pokemon Mega Fest attendees were going to have to unlock and fight the legendary monster at the event’s end. After all of the server issues that kept Pokemon players from actually catching ‘em all today, the Lugia giveaway announcement set the crowd at ease.




That changed with the release of Mega Pokemon last month, however. Each of the four currently available legendaries is only obtainable through participating in and winning a Raid Battle, and most of these are only offered for a limited time.

That may be true, but it doesn’t help those who struggle to find or win Raid Battles. With the Exclusive Raid system that Instantfuns plans to launch later this year — that’s how Pokemon players worldwide will be able to catch the Mega Pokemon — Pokemon players are concerned that they won’t get a chance to capture Pokemon Mewtwo. They’ll need to have already successfully completed a Raid Battle in order to even qualify for the Exclusive ones, which just isn’t possible for every player.


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